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2021 fashion trends we’re obsessed with – current boutiques

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Despite (and perhaps because of) the times of COVID-19, 2021 has seen a big shift in fashion trends. What’s exciting for us at Current Boutique is that many of these trends have returned (with minor tweaks) to the wardrobe essentials we’ve been stocking up on for years.

(I’ll give you a style secret… There are some fashion pieces, like denim and a little black dress. I never have lose style. We see slightly different cuts and silhouettes each season.These are the types of pieces we love most because the same pieces can be used and reused in different styles.)

Take a look at some of our favorite 2021 fashion trends.

1. Designer denim

As we said before, denim never goes out of fashion. Good jeans that fit well are always a wardrobe staple. These days, we see many women moving away from the world of fast fashion denim and into designer denim.

Designer denim, on the other hand, is comfortable to wear, made with premium materials, designed for a stunning fit and silhouette, and built to last. The smart, stylish woman is looking for denim that looks and feels great and is a wallet-saving investment for her. (This shift from fast fashion to investment items is the key shift we’ve seen due to COVID-19.)

Some denim trends to see especially in 2021:

  • Slim boot cut-in, wide cut-out
  • Loose and distressed, no frays or tears.
  • Light wash in, color wash out

Pro tip: Forget trends. Buy comfortable denim. Fashion is self-care and you deserve to wear items that speak directly to your soul.

2. Baguette

The bag we’ve known and loved since the early 2000s is back! Baguettes are so cute and beautiful to look at, and they’re so trendy right now because they’re big enough to carry just what you need. Fendi coined the word ‘baguette’ and since then nearly every designer has embraced the word and the trend in their own iconic way.

We love buying and selling baguettes because they are such a unique designer piece and can make a bold yet subtle statement in your outfit. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can buy your favorite baguettes from our online shop. Amazing Our reasonable price!check out our current baguette now.

3.Tiger print

we. love. animal. Print.always at least one trendy animal print The tiger pattern is always the fashion trend for 2021! (Is it because of the Tiger King’s aftereffect?)

I especially like the tiger print because it’s so intense and inviting, and the muted orangey brown works as a neutral background for other statement pieces. Whether you like a simple color palette or a bold statement, our tiger print is perfect for both.

4. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have been a fashion staple in recent years, and we expect them to continue for some time yet. . Best of all, jumpsuits are super easy to style. It looks like ready-made clothes! Just add a few sparkly accessories and you’re good to go.

Love jumpsuits or want to learn more about this look? This Lofficiel article Learn more about how jumpsuits are taking over as fashion trends for spring 2021.

5. Casual Blazer

A blazer is a closet essential. They are my go-to piece for almost everything. The right blazer can make a t-shirt look more professional, a ball gown look more casual, or a pantsuit silhouette to stand out.

We’re seeing a big move by women to incorporate blazers into their everyday looks.As the office transitions into the home, blazers are expected to be a part of casual wear for years to come.

Some 2021 fashion trends and shows even layered blazers over hoodies to present a cozy look that’s equal parts sophistication and grungy. There are no rules. Experiment with different looks with blazers to find what works for you.

Get the scoop on how to wear and style a blazer here.

6. Loafers

Heels can be removed (if desired).Loafers add a sophisticated and professional look without wearing down your ankles, arches or toes. jeans, skirt, dressor even sweat.

Fashion trends for 2021 are seeing a big push towards ‘chunky’ loafers (loafers with thicker soles and heels).Even if that’s not your style, classic penny loafers are also a classic and timeless favorite. Click here for trendy loafers.

7. Sustainable fashion

At Current Boutique, we care about our world (and our wardrobes). sustainable fashion It refers to fashion systems and products that emphasize eco-friendly processes and social justice. It’s about keeping the fashion we all wear and use safe for our world and its inhabitants.

we love, love, Love As more consumers become aware of the dangers of fast fashion, consignment stores and Small and medium-sized enterprises We are working hard to make sustainability our top mission. Sustainable fashion is changing the world and we expect 2021 to be an important year in making sustainability the norm in fashion.

what are you obsessed with right now? Which of his fashion trends are you watching in 2021?Share this article with your thoughts and tag us for a chance to be featured!

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