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20 Best Pleated Skirts for Fall 2022

With so many cores in vogue, it can sometimes feel like we’re all in our own little fashion flock with little in common. not much. But one item shows amazing versatility, showing up everywhere. It’s a pleated skirt. Preppy pieces have made a big comeback thanks to designers like: Mew Mew When peter doe We showcased them on our catwalk this spring. Since then, many brands have followed the trend, from modest skirts to bold skirts. It pairs perfectly with many current trends such as golf and tennis cores. It can also be styled like the Year 2000 issue, such as Cher Horowitz or Meg Ryan. You’ve got mailFashion creators on TikTok have helped spike trends by sharing their favorite styles, like Chopova Lowena’s viral skirt. Now the fashion lover has embraced the timeless design and embraced the full academic his look with the skirt as a must-have. It is also perfect for wearing with a cardigan sweater and knee-high boots from summer to autumn.

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