17 gorgeous pink hair ideas you’ll love

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Have you been looking for something different to do with your hair? Want to try a fun new hairstyle you’ve never tried before?

If this sounds like you, you should consider dyeing your hair a different color. need to think about dye hair pink!

Bold and colorful hair dyes are trending these days, and many people dye their hair red, blue, and purple. You may have seen this on social media, as many people on TikTok post their hair changes.

Also, many celebrities are following along with this trend. Dua Lipa went pink this summer.

It’s a big part of the Barbie Core trend, featuring the iconic hot pink Barbie color on almost everything!

So, if you’re thinking of ways to change your hair that will give you a bold and fun new hair look, pink is the perfect hair color for you.

Things to consider before dyeing your hair pink:

Before you actually dye your hair pink, there are a few things to consider first.

  • Do you want highlights or do you want your whole head dyed? Highlights can be more difficult to place than all-over color, but are less damaging to your hair.
  • Also, do you want to combine pink with other colors? This can also be difficult, but it can give your hair a beautiful volume.
  • And what kind of pink are you aiming for? A bright pink may mean more damage as the underlying hair needs to be bleached to a lighter shade.

These are all very important questions to ask yourself before you actually dye your hair.

And don’t worry if you have light or dark hair. There are many ways to dye your hair to get the perfect pink shade you want.

We’ve put together this list because there are so many ways to incorporate pink into fun new hairstyles. 17 gorgeous pink hair ideas Help you find the perfect pink hair look for you!

pink hair highlights

1. Strawberry Shortcake Highlights

Highly recommend if you have light hair and want pink highlights strawberry shortcake highlights.

If you don’t know what strawberry shortcake highlights are, basically add light pink highlights to light hair like blonde to give it a subtle yet gorgeous pink hair look.

Check out this video tutorial to see exactly what strawberry shortcake highlights look like and how to get them at home!

2. Skunk stripes

If you want to use pink to create bold highlights, check out this trendy skunk patch hairstyle!

of skunk patch hair look Basically, if you want to highlight large sections of hair, similar to face framing highlights.

I think this look is absolutely gorgeous when done in pink and can be done with basically any hair color and gives a great new hair look.

3. Thick highlights

If you’re looking to add pink highlights to your hair, one of my absolute favorite types of highlights is chunky highlightsAnd if you have darker hair, chunky highlights in hot pink will look stunning on you.

For pink chunky highlight inspiration, check out this easy hair tutorial on how to get this look at home! It’s so 2000’s and works well with the Y2K look that’s everywhere now .

4. Rose gold highlights

If you want pink highlights but don’t want bright colors like pink, rose gold highlights It might suit you.

They’re a much more subtle highlight using rose gold pink hues to give color to the hair without being too bold. Check out the video above to see how they’re done. Please Confirm.

5. Peekaboo highlights

Another type of highlight that I absolutely love, especially when using bold colors is: Peekaboo highlights.

Peekaboo highlights look amazing with pink hair dye, as shown in this video tutorial.

other color pink hair ideas

6. Pink Ombre

Another way to incorporate pink hair dye into your hairstyle is by opting for an ombre hairstyle.

pink ombre hairstyle It looks gorgeous, especially when done with a faded pink ombre, as shown in this video tutorial!

7. Pink & Green

If you’re aiming for a bolder hairstyle, I recommend Combine another bright color like pink with green.

For example, if you want something really bold, try this adorable Cosmo and Wanda hairstyle inspired by the iconic pink and green colors.

8. Split die

Another really gorgeous color to pair with pink is red. A great way to do this is part dye hair.

If you don’t know what a split dye is, it’s basically parting your hair down the middle and dyeing each side of your hair a different color.

This video tutorial will show you exactly how it looks with pink and red hair dye!

9. Pink & Purple

Purple is also a great option if you’re looking for another color to pair with pink.for pink and purple hair dye, I would definitely go for an ombre look like this purple to pink ombre shown in this video!

This ombre hairstyle gives you a colorful new hair look that will make you crazy. It’s also a great option if you’re looking to try out a galaxy hair look.

Check out this tutorial on how to get the look.

10. Pink & Blue

Another option to consider pink hair dye is Add blue to your hair look! Pink and blue hair dyes make for a really beautiful combination.

For example, you can dye the top of your hair pink and the bottom blue to incorporate both colors into your new hair look, as shown in this video.

light pink hair ideas

11. Pastel pink

If you want to dye your whole head pink, don’t worry, you can choose from many pink shade options to find the perfect color.

First, decide whether you want to dye your hair a lighter or darker shade of pink.

Totally try this out if you are looking for a lighter shade of pink and something more subtle. pastel pink hair.

12. Rose Gold & Lavender

If you want a bright pink shade but want something bolder, you can always opt for this rose gold and lavender hair color.

This is a gorgeous bright shade of pink that will give you a bold new hair look you’ll love!

13. Rose gold

if you’re crazy like me rose gold, you can also use this shade to dye your hair pink. This pink rose-gold shade will give you the subtle, bright pink hair look, but also that variation you’re looking for.

To see exactly how to get the rose gold hair look, check out this video tutorial!

14. Baby pink hair

You might also want to go for a very light shade of pink similar to. pale pinkThis is also a gorgeous pink shade to use for your new hair look!

It also makes it look super easy even if you have already bleached hair. Check out this video tutorial to see how you can achieve this look at home!

dark pink hair ideas

15. Hot pink

If you are looking for a super bold hair color, hot pink Definitely the way to go. This is a darker pink shade that gives you a bold hair look and makeover that you’ll love.

This hair color is also very trendy right now thanks to Barbie Core, so you’re sure to keep up with trends if you try this look.

16. Purple/pink hair

Another great option for those of us who want a darker shade of pink for our new hair look is purple/pink hair This hair color is a shade of pink with purple tones that give the hair a dark pink look.

Check out this easy video tutorial to see exactly how to achieve this look at home!

17. Dark pink

i love this shade too dark reddish pink If you want something dark, bold and a little more unexpected.

Red tones give pink hair the darker shade you’re looking for. It looks very easy to achieve this look at home.

What are your favorite pink hair ideas on this list?

Which look would you like to try? Which pink hairstyle do you think would suit you best? Let us know in the comments below.