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17 best hoodies for men in 2022

It’s hard to think of a clothing item with a more colorful history than the humble hoodie. I stopped by.Chancellor, designer, name confirmed by squeak daily mail Editorial, and in some parts of the Western world, it was banned for a short time thanks to street associations.

We’ve come a long way since then invented by a champion for that worker. Today we are in a golden age of acceptance for the best hoodies for men. Like Elvis, denim jeans, electronic music, and all aspects of youth culture that initially made adults nervous, now everyone calmed down and collectively said: Maybe a sweatshirt with a hood on the back isn’t inherently evil. ”

Because cool hoodies are truly magical garments. Functional, comfortable and stylish. And now, fashion is trending, too, thanks to a feverish love affair with streetwear.

“Hoodies are the epitome of streetwear,” says fashion designer Gordon Richardson. top man“What started as a trend in the 1990s has evolved into a global phenomenon because of its versatility and comfort.” There aren’t many menswear items that can help you take a stroll through the streets.

“Big brands are listening to the market as the hoodie becomes a wardrobe staple. Mixing has become a trend in recent years,” says Richardson.

Are you in a hurry? Check out our top picks for the best hoodies for men, or scroll down to read more.

best smart hoodie

COS relaxed fit hoodie

This men’s hoodie is next level with the highest quality cotton construction, dropped shoulders, ribbed edges and a slightly oversized fit.

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best everyday hoodies

Unrecorded organic cotton hoodie

Relax in style in this heavyweight organic cotton hoodie from Unrecorded. With nine color options and a soft terry knit fabric, this everyday hoodie is a wardrobe essential.

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best hoodies for men


COS may only be around for ten years, but it’s already one of the coolest names on the high street. With curated seasonal selections that contain all killers and no fillers, COS has been committed to bringing its clean, Scandinavian aesthetic to the everyday consumer. Timeless contemporary design, premium quality and zero offensive branding are all standard when you get a hoodie from here.

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cos best hoodie

one day march

It may sound contradictory, but ever since sportswear and loungewear gained high-fashion approval, the best hoodie for men has become a match for smarter dress codes. There’s no smarter material out there. Swedish menswear label one day marchmastering the art of basic loungewear, comfy yet never moody. Feels equally at home on the couch or in the office and is a fan favorite of minimalists and comfort enthusiasts alike. will be

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Days March Men's Hoodie


at the end of the main street, lease Superior construction and premium prices set it apart from its neighbors. The retailer is also well known for its sophisticated, hassle-free styling and use of quality materials. When it comes to hoodies, it’s more of the same: shopping here you’ll find his selection of sophisticated, premium leisurewear that straddles the line between timeless and trendy.

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Reiss men's hoodies


Based on timeless design and ethical practices, unrecorded We create simple yet sophisticated clothing with a strong focus on sustainability. Don’t be surprised if this hoodie, made from 100% organic heavyweight cotton, becomes your new go-to for chilly weather. It comes in 9 colors, so don’t be surprised if you go back to another.
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unrecorded men's hoodies

beams plus

The vintage Americana, practicality and workwear obsession of Japanese menswear are perfectly encapsulated in the output of Beams Plus. The label, the men’s fashion arm of her sprawling Beams franchise, has been attracting clued shoppers since 1999. Expect a mix of solid and patterned styles presented in high-quality fabrics and presented in premium Japanese construction.

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Since the hoodie became a legit way to look smart, the label, which specializes in luxurious, well-made basics, has done its best with clothing once associated with skaters and shoplifters. Example: Sunspel is a British knitwear brand that keeps us feeling dim inside. The hoodie is a strokeable cotton jersey, comes in neutral colors and pairs well with tailored pants as well as jogger pants.

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SUNSPEL Melange Loopback Cotton Jersey Hoodie

polo ralph lauren

Not only does Ralph Lauren do preppy Americana better than most other brands, he actually invented it. The brand’s hoodies are smart, stripping nothing but the famous pony embroidery for embellishment. Comfortable and versatile, this hoodie can be worn under a denim jacket or unstructured blazer.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN melange jersey zip-up hoodie

The North Face

Founded in 1968 in Berkeley, California, The North Face quickly became one of the most reputable outdoor brands on the market. In addition to manufacturing industry-standard mountaineering gear, the brand produces top-notch casual wear, and its hoodies are no exception. , you can rest assured of quality, style and finish.

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north face mens hoodies


Swedish fast-fashion juggernaut H&M is one of the most recognizable brands on the high street, credited with bringing simple Scandinavian style to the mass market.The brand is well known for its affordable basics, and the hoodie is the one-piece that comes up again and again in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and all the colors of the rainbow. bang For your hard earned money, this is definitely the place to go.

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hooded top


Few brands have a sports heritage. Nike Its sweats and gym wear are more authentic than most because you can scream. The famous Swoosh is almost always in melange or loopback cotton for maximum comfort. Not only can it be worn over jeans and joggers, but it also fits perfectly under his biker, trucker or bomber jacket.

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Nike Club Popover Logo Hoodie


favorite NikeThe adidas men’s hoodie benefits from decades of sporty design and instantly recognizable branding. Whether you choose the brand’s famous 3-Stripes or his Trefoil motif, it’s a classic look. The brand carries hoodies in just about every style imaginable, from pouch pockets to zip-ups, oversized to longline.

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Adidas Trefoil Hoody


Heritage America’s sportswear label Champion has been wearing hoodies longer than anyone else. We manufacture kits for the NFL, NBA and US Olympic basketball teams. In a crowded market, this is the undisputed MVP brand. Champion is famous for its patented “reverse weave” cotton, which uses a unique fabric construction and paneled side inserts to eliminate the risk of shrinkage.

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Champion Reverse Weave Hood Script Logo Hoodie


Look no further than one of the leaders in the game when it comes to cool streetwear hoodies. Stussy is one of the oldest names in the industry and is widely credited with almost single-handedly starting the scene with a style designed for skaters and surfers. The hoodie is one of Sean’s staples for her Stussy eponymous brand, and has been appearing season after season since day one. Expect bold branding, bright colors, contemporary styling, and plenty of street cred.

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STUSSY Basic Hoodie


Traditional American workwear brand Carhartt has long been known for its wearability and durability, but in recent years has also become known for streetwear styling, especially with the introduction of its “Work In Progress” line. . These factors combine to make it one of the best options for finding a stylish yet durable hoodie. The fusion of workwear and urban cool is second to none.

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CARHARTT WIP hooded college sweat

like a boy

Led by Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons has long been known in the fashion world for its forward-thinking approach to design and cutting-edge seasonal collections that push the boundaries of fashion. Her PLAY line for the label fuses these trademark features with street-ready styling. CDG PLAY’s hoodies don’t come cheap, but they are a timeless piece from the industry-leading label and now feature the iconic Bageye Her Heart brand.

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best hoodies - Comme

off white

Virgil Abloh’s wildly popular label is at the forefront of standing statement streetwear hoodies for both men and women. He’s one of those brands that turned understated hoodies into flashy luxury. You’ll find many of the designer’s signature touches in that range. Of course, you’ll have to pay a premium, but think about Instagram engagement.

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off-white men's hoodie


Under the gorgeous direction of Alessandro Michele, gucci It has become the hot ticket for streetwear, appealing not only to Monaco’s yachtsmen, but also to the wealthy kids of Instagram. You can expect envelope-pushing designs and plush cotton and the price tag that comes with them. Especially if you want to pair them with the on-trend puffer jacket. Please dress in layers.

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gucci hoodie

best hoodie buying guide

These are the main purchase considerations when buying the best hoodies for men.


There is no skinny fit, but if you want to wear a hoodie under a regular-fit denim jacket, look for something relatively close-fitting. Otherwise, go maxi with an oversized hoodie that’s a nod to cool street culture in the first place.


Fleece back or loopback cotton are the options you are most likely to find the best hoodies in the shop and are ideal as they are comfortable, durable and easy to wash. You may want to try it out and indulge yourself.


As always, grays, navy, and black are the colors that wear the most, but consider khakis, off-whites, or brownish tones for alternative neutrals. Suitable, but mint green or purple offer a more subtle way to stand out.

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