15 non-kitsch looks from this summer’s nail trends

summer nail trends

Discover 15 summer nail looks that are trending right now without being tacky. When it comes to nail inspiration, there are no limits. The manicurist guru has proposed many new and fun designs, from animal prints such as cow prints, to playful and extroverted color designs and shapes. I’m obsessed with Luke.

I love the natural nail look and the classic French manicure, but I also enjoy working with bright colors and shapes. Why not add funky designs like a fun smiley to your next manicure? Or create swirls in your next manicure. Or, if you want a traditional manicure with a fun twist, use a bold color on the tip rather than the traditional white.

We’ve made it easy for you to recreate these fun looks by listing the Nails.INC and OPI products you can use. that can be created. You don’t have to be a pro. Get creative. Whether you love warm, minimal nails or a colorful, fun manicure, we’ve listed the biggest nail looks for summer.