15 favorite clothes I’ve worn

15 favorite clothes I've worn

15 Favorite Outfits I’ve Worn I thought I’d put together a blog post showcasing my 15 favorite outfits! Since it’s impossible to narrow it down retroactively, we’ve selected 15 from 2018 to the present. I think things work better. I’ve noticed that my style changes quite a bit with trends, but I’ve always stuck with denim, leather jackets and boots. These three things are my dress staples, they are the core part of who I am as a person, and I don’t think they will change. Personal style is a great reflection of your personality and mood. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve leaned more towards her palette of more sophisticated, neutral colors than the bold, bright clothes she used to wear in her early twenties. I used to adore jeans of so many different styles! At one point I was into low rise (6 inch rise) and printed or colored denim, so my outfits were very bright, though. , now tend to wear only light blue or black jeans and choose only skinny or skinny jeans. Classic mom fit. Gone are the days of being drawn to bright pinks and reds when it comes to handbags, and I prefer neutral shades like brown.