14 fashion documentaries you should watch on YouTube

In this post, we have reviewed 14 fashion movies. All fashion films, interviews and documentaries featured in this post are over 30 minutes long.

They’re all great movies and I’ve seen some of them, but not all of them. I watched a few minutes of each and wrote a bit about it to give you an idea of ​​what the movie is about.

Fashion movies on Youtube are grouped into the following sections:

14 fashion documentaries you should watch on YouTube:

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YSL is considered one of the world’s top fashion designers. In this film, the film’s narrator talks about the ‘who’ and ‘what’ inspired YSL. A few things about Eve: Appearing in public was torture for him, and he loved Ran.

YSL played with paper dolls from an early age. At the age of 21, YSL became the chief designer of Christian Dior. When he first started his own fashion brand, YSL, he didn’t have enough money for fabrics, materials for fashion collections, and salaries for his employees. Many worked for him for free. He is known as one of the most influential designers.

He was part of spreading and influencing the androgynous trend. People saw him as a nervous, nervous artist. In the film, one of the interviewees said that YSL is very nervous, “a nervous person is the salt of the earth” and “a nervous person is a creator.”


Unspoken is a fashion documentary by Haley Branson. Throughout the film, Haley explores why people wear what they wear. She questions the science of mind in relation to fashion and fashion psychology. She discusses different designers and how they work.

Hailey believes that understanding how designers create is the key to understanding why people wear what they wear. Some of the designers she introduces in the film include Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Karl Her Lagerfeld. She lectures on designers and their design aesthetics.


Take a virtual tour of the exhibition “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams”. The movie section is in French. With English subtitles. The film examines the history of Dior fashion and the clothes Christian Dior preserved and produced. They show how fashion experts assemble the exhibits and fix the clothes on the mannequins. is shown.

They interviewed designers who had worked for the brand in the past, and interviewed and highlighted designers who are currently working for Christian Dior. For example, current Creative Her Director Maria Grazia Chiuri was interviewed in a video. She has been Dior’s creative director since 2016. The exhibition was visited by more than half a million people. It was in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.


The film is about the history of Cristóbal Balenciaga and his fashion brand, Balenciaga. Balenciaga was founded in Spain and is now located in Paris, France. His father died, so he was raised by a seamstress mother. In his youth, Balenciaga was described as a sartorial genius. At one point he left Spain due to the Spanish Civil War and moved to Paris, France. His brand failed twice in Spain because of the war. In the film, they said Coco Chanel classified Balenciaga as one of his only remaining true couturiers.

The film’s narrator tells how Cristobal closed the company in 1968. His nephew sold his business rights. Many designers who served as creative director of Balenciaga participated. Creative His directors include Michel Sesame, Joseph Timister and Nicolas Ghesquière.


A documentary about Victoria Beckham and her fashion brand, Victoria Beckham. Start by interviewing the people you work with. They talk about fashion, the basis of her business and her brand.

They talk about Beckham’s luxury brands and her well-made, high-quality clothes. Corsets and fitted gowns were emphasized.Victoria Her Beckham Fashion Her business is a British brand and she is British.


A documentary about the history of Karl Lagerfeld. There is a narrator who talks about Karl Lagerfeld, and he is interviewed throughout the film. said he would wear them, but stopped wearing them because he felt they were “degrading.”

He drew another sketch and talked about the clothes he was drawing, the same clothes he wears every day: a white shirt, a tie and a black jacket. I’m here. They said in the film that Karl Lagerfeld has a collection of 300,000 books! Lecture about what worked.

eco fashion


This film is an investigative documentary. In this film, they talk about a fashion brand that breaks the law and practices unethical practices. The narrator says that clothing prices have dropped. He added that much of the “cheap” clothes are made in China. A documentary that records the appearance of workers at a garment factory. They also drove to the slums to show where the garment workers lived, tracked down employees below the poverty line, and interviewed them.


This film is about ethical and unethical fashion. It’s all about the clothes we wear and the impact they have on the world. The film’s director, Andrew Morgan, interviews Stitched Up author Tansy Hoskins. Journalist Lucy Siegle is being interviewed. Orsola de Castro is being interviewed. He also interviewed fashion brand owner and fashion writer Saphia Minnie.

He records a video from the news talking about deaths in Rana Plaza, a collapsed Bangladesh. An interview with an employee working at a sewing factory. He shows a lot of footage of slums in certain developing countries.


“Fashion lover” Aseafe Barratt served as moderator and introduced the entire process of fashion production. She interviews fashion industry experts.

The film talks about how people produce and buy fashion too fast. It is said that about 100 billion pieces of clothing are produced annually.


This documentary depicts how clothes are donated to people in developing countries and then rotten in the mountains of West Africa. In the film, Africans refer to the donated clothes as “the clothes of dead white people.” They say his 40% of clothing imported into Africa is garbage.


The film “The Next Black” is based in London. Innovative companies are interviewed in this video. They talk about futuristic fashion products. Companies interviewed included Studio XO, Adidas Matt Hymer, Susan Lee Bio Couture and Patagonia.

the future of fashion


The film was created and presented at the ‘The Business of Fashion’ ‘Voices’ conference. Taken in Australia. It’s all about the future of retail. Host Imran Amed interviews his three retail experts: LeClair’s Armand Hadida, Aesop founder Michael O’Keeffe and Pedder Group’s Kim Bui Kira.

Some information spoken: O’keefe says everything around us is about fashion. As such, he incorporates a variety of things into his work, such as his design of interiors. O’keefe says he’s better off making five collections a year than two.


This video is about where the fashion industry is headed. Vin + Omi (Dorchester Collection) is being interviewed for a sustainable fashion brand movie. They are based in London. “If we want to build a sustainable fashion company, we have to take some serious pay cuts,” they say.

In the film, the narrator and host talks about H&M producing clothes from fishing nets. They also talk about donating clothing. In India, we receive a lot of donated clothes, but we don’t have enough water to wash them. In addition, they also talk about high-tech clothing and clothing that adapts to your mood.


This is a manifesto by Lee Edelkoort. She has had many conversations with other fashion professionals who are in pain and overworked.She feels the fashion system is broken and she has solutions and ways to change it. increase.


The film was produced by British Vogue. The movie is hosted by fashion model and TV host Alexa Chung. She has interviewed fashion companies such as Linsdey Butler and her brand Veda, Joseph Altuzarra and his brand Altuzarra.

final note

I hope you enjoyed this post. We will share more free fashion films in the future.

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