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13 trendy clear nail designs for you to try

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Looking for a fun and trendy new nail look? Highly recommend going to clear nail look.

Clear nails are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about fun nails. But actually, there are so many fun ways to use clear nails to create super cute and fun nail looks! Need a little inspiration.

So this post will show you 13 trendiest and fun ways to create clear nail looks.

What I love about clear nails is that they look great on any nail length and shape. And there are so many designs to choose from to suit any aesthetic.

Currently the most popular clear nail designs include: Clear nails with swirls (otherwise known as spiral nails). glitter design is also popular. Also, many of you may have seen clear nails with flower designs that are often worn in the summer.

If these nail designs sound interesting to you and you need some more ideas, check out our list of the best clear nail designs to try.

short clear nail ideas

1. Glitter French Tip Nails

If you’re bored with the classic French nail look, don’t worry, there are many ways to style your French nails.

For example, you can try this glitter French nail look on clear nails. This look is so cute and very easy to achieve. All you need is a clear base and some glitter for the tips of your nails to create this look at home.

This will look especially good on those with short nails. You can switch the lame color according to your mood.

2. Encapsulated glitter nails

If you love glitter but want to try something different than the French nail style, you can also try this super fun one. Encapsulated glitter nail look!

If you’ve never heard of the “encapsulated” glitter nail look, it’s basically layering clear polish over loose glitter to make it look like you have glitter inside your nail.

This is such a cool way to make your nails stand out. Check out this video to see exactly how to get the look.

3. Classic clear nails

Of course, if you want a simple clear nail, classic clear nails It looks great on short nails.

This will give you your favorite elegant and simple nail look. This works in any scenario, including at work. Check out this quick video tutorial to see how to achieve this look.

long clear nail ideas

4. Frame nails

If you have long nails, you have even more options when it comes to cool and clear nail looks. frame nails.

If you’ve never heard of frame nails before, this design is basically the outer part of the nail that is outlined with polish. you know!

5. Ice nails

[셀프네일](ENG) Nails for those who don’t know what to do Nails/ice nails/glass al nails/ice nails/clear nails/self nail/aurora nails/glass

ice nail Another really cool option for those who have long nails or want long nails. Ice nails basically give the illusion that your nails are made of ice. , it’s also very similar to Hailey Bieber’s famous ‘glazed donut nails,’ which we covered in our fall trend guide!)

If you want to try this look, you can learn everything you need to know in this video tutorial.

6. Sparkle nails

Another super cute clear nail design idea is simple sparkle design! To create a shimmery design, use a clear nail polish as a base and draw in the shimmer as shown in this video.

I like this design, it’s simple. You can also easily achieve it at home. (If you want to cheat, you can always use sparkle nail stickers Instead of drawing by hand. )

clear nail ideas with swirls

7. Green and White Swirl nail

you’ve probably seen swirl nail look By far; the biggest trend in nails in the last two years. Although it has peaked in popularity, it’s still a great nail look to try, especially if you want a clear nail design!

Making clear swirl nails is very easy. All you have to do is use a clear nail polish as a base and draw any kind of swirl you like.

These green and white swirl nails are a great example of the colors and swirl designs that can be used to create this look.

Often times, especially if you’re new to nail design, it can seem difficult to get swirl nails to look exactly the way you want them to. Shop These Press-on Nails for easier options.

8. Black & Matte Clear Nails

Matte black swirl pattern on clear nail

how cool are these black matt clear nailI love the look of matte black abstract polish over a clear base. Very modern and unexpected.

You can definitely DIY these nails at home with black polish and your favorite matte top coat. These nails are available as a press-on set Get the exact look above. (Bonus: they have so many positive reviews!)

9. Black Swirl nail

If you don’t want super colorful swirl nails, you can also opt for something simpler like Use black with clear base Create a swirl nail look.

This look isn’t as colorful as the green design above, but it still offers a very cool and trendy nail design.

And then you can Purchase this press nailif you want to save time while doing your nails.

10. Glitter swirl nails

Recommended for those who like swirl nails that make their nails stand out more. Glittery and colorful swirls on a clear base.

In this video, I show you exactly how to make colorful swirl nails with glitter at home!

clear nails with flowers

11. Rose petal nails

Another really cool clear nail design is encapsulated flowerEncapsulated flower nails create the illusion that there are petals inside the nail.

This kind of nail look is a great example of a clear nail design, as shown in this video tutorial. Also, if you have a favorite flower like roses, you can use rose petals entirely to create this look.

12. French Encapsulated Flowers

Another type of encapsulated flower nail look for transparent nail designs is French Encapsulated FlowerThis is when you use a nude or pink base on your nails, leave the tip and add flowers to make it look like there is a flower at the tip of your nail.

This look is pretty cool and this video tutorial will show you exactly how to do it. This is something you’d probably get at a salon, but it’s cool to see the complete process on video.

13. Black and White Flower Art

you’ve probably seen classic flower nail designs (See: Our Favorite Summer Toe Nail Designs.) But it’s so cute when you put it on your nails!

To get this look, all you need to do is use a clear base and draw a cute flower in the color of your choice. I’m here.You can also use flower nail sticker Instead, just seal it with a glossy top coat.

Which is your favorite clear nail polish?

Which one would you like to try? Which design do you think is the most trendy?

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