13 Technology Boundaries to Consider

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13 Technology Boundaries to Consider

I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries lately.first inspired this podcast (When Guest book), I have questioned my own boundaries a lot – and am aware of how few strict boundaries I have implemented. working on it. If you’re looking to do the same, consider the following:


  • with boomerang plugin, you can literally “pause your inbox”. This basically hides the email from the selected x hours to x hours. You can override this in case of emergency, but unless you choose to turn the feature off, you won’t see incoming emails until the clock hits 8am or the time you set.
  • Close your desktop mail window unless you check in a few times a day. I like it in the morning, before lunch, and once about an hour before sign-off.
  • Star unwanted emails and unsubscribe at the end of the day.You can also use something like spread me.

texts, calls, notifications

  • Turn off group text notifications when you’re in an active group chat. Catch up when you feel like it, or remove it from the group text entirely.
  • Create a work rule not to text your co-workers, clients, etc. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but most people respect this and it’s worth a try.
  • If it’s a distraction, remove iMessage from your computer.
  • Just like email, check/reply to texts several times a day (or at a convenient time). Turn off notifications, mute your phone, use airplane mode, whatever.
  • For spam calls, follow me these instructions To avoid them from the FTC as much as possible. Very annoying, right?
  • Take 10 minutes to go through all the apps on your phone and turn off push notifications that don’t really help.

Social media

  • Stop following people who make you feel negative or bring you down. This also applies to hate following. It’s not helping you!
  • If you’re worried about being offended, use Instagram’s mute button and use it often.
  • If a particular app makes you feel uneasy or sick in general, remove it. Life goes on without Instagram. Try it out for a few days and see what it’s like.
  • Enable time limits on your social media apps (or any other app). On iPhone,[設定]>[スクリーン タイム], and turn on Screen Time. You can tap App Limits and edit from there according to specific apps.

What other technology boundaries have you implemented? Spill it out!

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