11 Best Platform Boots and How to Wear Them

When it comes to boot trends, there are key styles that are always ‘in’, such as the pointed bootie and the moto silhouette. But this season, fashion insiders and celebrities alike continue to introduce fresh boot silhouettes into their wardrobes, including platform his boots, a slightly more “dangerous” alternative to the basic bootie.

Essentially statement-making, this shoe style has the ability to (literally) instantly amplify even the simplest of ensembles, thanks to its bold and slightly bold design. , there are also various flatform picks to bring comfort and ease to the ensemble (ahem, the Prada silhouette the fashion crowd loves). Granted, these styles aren’t going to replace the basic booties entirely (they’re a staple), but I think more and more style-setters will gravitate towards them this season.

To further highlight this fashion-forward shoe trend, we’ve shopped a few key styles to see how the trendiest people wear the platform boots RN, and if you’re interested in upgrading your look. I will introduce the situation.

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