10 Summer Style Dos and Don’ts • BUDGET FASHIONISTA

oh what to wear. And oh, what not to wear!

In fashion, there’s always a very thin line between love and hate.Yes, we love button detail this summer. But too many of them can make your outfit look like a toddler craft project. should keep

In fact, you probably don’t need these summer style guidelines because you can wear a buttoned-up dress with enough confidence to inspire. Everyone Wear the look for craft projects. But if you need a little help, I’m here. Read on for what’s hot and what’s not in summer style.

Summer Style Dos and Don’ts

1. Wear a crop top.

Oh yeah, summer crop tops.if you’re old enough to see threes companyAnd you’re right to feel that way – the old iteration of the crop top was terrifying.

Today’s version is much more wearable. You don’t even have to show skin if you don’t want to. Simply choose a crop that lands on your navel and pair it with high-waisted bottoms.

2. Let your hair down.

Summer is the season when the air is dry. Let your hair dry naturally to reveal its texture. If you want a little more structure, pull the top half up into the pan.

3. Try a bucket hat.

Sunscreen is absolutely essential summer style strategyGive the floppy hat a break this season by embracing bucket hat hues. like this one from amazon.

4. Wear pastel colors.

Pastel colors, especially lavender, are very fashionable this season. Go all in with a pastel bathing suit or go on trend with lavender-framed sunglasses.

5. Wear animal print.

Animal prints are always present, especially during the summer months. When all the other girls are wearing floral prints, you stand out as the chicest babe.

6. Do not wear socks with sandals.

This is not seasonal advice. Life advice. If it’s cold enough that you need socks with your sandals, wear shoes. If sneakers feel too heavy, try beach shoes.

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7. Don’t mix trends.

Summer style trends are often contradictory. For example, I can’t imagine wearing a leopard print dress with a lavender bucket and his hat. The trick is to pick one trend to watch and complement it with a neutral.

8. Wear off-the-shoulder tops.

A few summers ago, it felt like every top in every store in every mall had a cropped shoulder. If you like showing off your great shoulders, try a no-shoulder top instead.

9. Do not walk down the street in a pool coverup.

In general, a bikini and mesh dress combination doesn’t work unless you’re actually in the pool.One possible exception is Las Vegas. Onlookers will assume you are day club hopping.

10. Don’t tan.

Sunburn is the worst. They are painful and the skin peels off. And tanning is forever obsolete. If you want a tanned glow, reach for self-tanners and bronzers rather than baby oils.