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10 smart reasons to buy second hand

Are you interested in second-hand clothing or consignment fashion, but don’t know which one is the best? Or maybe you’ve heard a lot about fashion that you’ve loved all along and want to know more? Here are some smart reasons.

We guarantee that by the end of this article, you’ll be thrilled and enthusiastic to join our community of fashion-forward, eco-friendly and second-hand style professionals!

1. You can find high quality items.

If you buy second hand, chances are good that it will be of good quality. The pieces had to pass rigorous tests to hit the consignment shelves. Not only is the item already living a full life with its past owner, but it is currently being checked, retouched, and cleaned by a consignment shop (if you go to a top-notch thrift store like Current Boutique). ).

The items you find in fast-fashion box stores are cheaply made and only last a few seasons (because you want to continually buy more clothes). But the goods that traveled all the way to consignment stores have already proven to stand the test of time. This is good for the environment and your budget.

In addition, the original second-hand clothes were made so that they can be used for a long time. Vintage designers believed in providing the best quality to their consumers. Because quality was the differentiator. The same applies to modern high-quality designers. Conversely, today’s inexpensive fast fashion stores are more concerned with creating new trends than with sustainable, quality clothing. It essentially extends the life of your clothes.

2. Designer pieces are a fraction of the original price.

Used clothing is an incredible investment.You can get designer pieces for a fraction of the original purchase price, essentially getting luxury for less. And you know you’re getting your money’s worth because these pieces have proven to stand the test of time. charge you what is actually Good value for quality without the ridiculous markup. You are paying for exactly what you are getting.

3. “Finding” is so much fun and satisfying.

Shopping for used goods is like a treasure hunt. You never know what you are going to find. Every day, racks and shelves are filled with new goodies to explore. If you’re tired of shopping at the same old box stores and boutiques and want to create your own special, curated wardrobe, perhaps you’re in for a thrifty and consignment lifestyle.

Consignment stores always have new items, so you can go shopping every week and never get bored. And believe us, there’s nothing more rewarding and inspiring than the feeling of finding the perfect outfit that speaks directly to your soul!

4. Reveal your unique style.

Fast fashion is a cookie cutter. Everyone sees and wears the same H&M tops and Forever 21 skirts. But when you search for unique vintage pieces from consignment shops, decades Experiment with different styles and trends. You’ll find everything from rare designer pieces to fun accessories you haven’t seen in years. You can find pieces that speak to you and your unique style, rather than being “forced” by the specific contemporary trends of big companies. No one else will wear what you wear! At Current Boutique, it’s all about promoting self-expression.

5. You can meet genuine vintage items.

Retro is the current trend. (If you want to know why, A recent article on how retro is the new modern!) In fact, ‘vintage’ is very trendy and many big companies are creating vintage style inexpensive clothes.

When shopping at a consignment store, genuine Old clothes of various ages neon animal print 80’s or baguette bag Since the early 2000s. Wearing another decade that lived a full life before you is such a unique experience that truly transports you back in time and gives you a piece of experiential history. .

6. Vintage designer clothes fit and feel great.

Is there anything worse than buying new clothes that don’t fit after one wash? Fast fashion No Built to last, you really only need to wear it a few times before the silhouette flatters your body and doesn’t fit well.

All the pieces you find at top consignment stores have already been worn and washed, so you know that the fit you try on in the store is the fit that will stay in that garment. They are often quality pieces, especially made with fit and feel in mind. Consignment purchases are the best investments you will own for years to come.

7. Support the community.

Most thrift stores and consignment stores are run by hardworking local entrepreneurs, charities, or moms and pops who work for a living. Buying from a shop like Current Boutique ignites someone’s dream and leaves money in the community and economy.when you cheer Small and medium-sized enterprisesespecially in fashion, joins a community of fashionistas who believe in sustainable, high-quality, upcycled clothing.

thank you for supporting my dream For a more sustainable and beautiful fashion world!

8. Used clothes are more sustainable.

Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil? literally are killing our planet. From the vast amount of textile waste, to the chemicals used in production, to the methane gas released during the decomposition of clothes, the entire fashion industry is under environmental threat.but just buy 1 The item used in place of the new item is yours. Carbon footprint 82%! Imagine what would happen if you bought all your old clothes. What would your wardrobe look like?!

Thrift stores stop fashion waste by minimizing clothing production, reducing textile waste, and keeping quality clothing in circulation. Buying from a consignment store directly reduces demand for fast fashion. This has significant environmental and social impacts on the way companies do business.

Want to learn more about how second-hand clothing is the best, most sustainable and greenest fashion? Check out these resources!

9. Experiment with your style and be unique

Many people say that they started experimenting with their style after they started buying second-hand clothes. Thrift is a great way to try new clothes, get out of your comfort zone, and incorporate new items into your wardrobe. All at a limited cost!

Your style is your form of self-expression. It’s easy to be unique when you buy second hand. Thrift stores offer branded clothing from different eras, so you can always upgrade your style. Those vintage pieces are no longer available, so you can be sure no one else will be wearing the same outfit as you.

10. Give the piece another chance.

One of my favorite things about owning and running a consignment store is that every item that comes through our door has a story behind it. It is loved, it creates memories and it has history. When a customer buys the item, they are giving the item new life and buying the story instead of sending all of its beautiful history to the landfill. When you buy second-hand clothes, you create a tapestry of people, stories, relationships, and communities stitched together by your love of fashion.

The community of second-hand shoppers and consignment enthusiasts is filled with fashionistas, eco-warriors and friends. We are so happy to share our love for style and sustainability with you. Welcome to the Current Boutique community!

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