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10 random stuff 6.24

Well, I initially had a much lighter Friday morning, finishing off this blog post with a cup of coffee before packing up and heading to the lake house for June’s (last 😆) family birthday celebration. (We’ve already sung her happy birthday twice with different family members!)

But you’ve probably heard the news by now. Roe v. Wade OverturnedSince the 2020 election, I feel like I’m in a state of panic. And it turns out that 2020 won’t get him anything in 2022. Being a parent in the US right now is really scary, especially being a parent of a daughter.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to get out of here. I’m sad, I’m so angry I know I’m rambling and I’m sure you feel the same way, but I just wanted to thank the elephant in the room. National Network of Abortion Funds This will benefit independent clinics across the country.

10 random stuff 6.24

In what inevitably feels like a jarring transition, here are nine ultralight/fluffy things that might take your mind off the news today:

If you want a super easy and delicious summer side dish

I love This box of couscous Available from almost any grocery store. It’s delicious right out of the box and a perfect pairing with grilled meats and vegetables.

Trader Joe’s Dill Pickle Seasoning It’s the top item on the list of things to try right now.

In one of the many Trader Joe’s Facebook groups I’m in (how old am I?), I saw a post where someone made a tomato sandwich and sprinkled this on top.

My recent favorite reading: means mine By Hannah Orenstein:

It was completed in just a few days, it was so cute! (thanks to she I loved all the characters, the family ties, the love story with a twist, but in the best possible way, it was amazing…just what I needed right now!

Hibiscus iced tea:

remember when you bought These Giant Hibiscus Iced Tea Bags on Amazon(You only need one for the entire pitcher!) I’m reporting: they’re amazing. Having a refreshing hibiscus tea within arm’s reach is such a wonderful treat!

I may or may not be packing just Ellie’s nap dress for the weekend at Lakehouse.

Honestly, what more could you want!?

Summer humidity is in full swing, but I still endorse these two products as the best way to keep frizz at bay.

again, Postpartum flyaways are so messy these days so I thought I’d share a tip For anyone struggling with the same (or flyaway in general):

I’ve found that blowing them out (vs. air drying) helps a lot. , Neil’s Kevin Murphy Max Hold Hair Pomade It’s the most effective product for keeping my hair smooth when it’s in a ponytail. (Much better than hairspray!)

Looking for new Chicago date night ideas?

try scorer for dinner! (In the old Cafe Marie Jean space!) I went with friends for the first time this week and it was great.stop by for a glass of wine rootstock Grab a nightcap and enjoy live music california clipper (Yes! I’m back!) Both are across the street.

Speaking of summer in Chicago, Movies in the Park is back!

Here’s a huge list of what’s playing everywhere this summer.

Go outside and unplug this weekend. ♥️ Hugs!

xoxo jess

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