10 outfits with long cardigans

10 ways to wear a long cardigan + 30 extra outfits

Long cardigans are one of the most worn items in my closet, especially this time of year. A versatile and comfortable item that can be used for dressing up or down. To be honest, I like long cardigans because they are long! Great with leggings in the fall, skinny jeans in the winter, dresses in the spring, and shorts in the summer! A proper cardigan he can wear all year round. Today, we want to help you get the most out of your favorite cardigan by sharing 10 of his outfits with long cardigans and his 30 bonus outfit ideas.

Whatever your reason for loving this closet staple, I hope you find this post helpful. For 10 outfits, I’ll give you a formula that you can easily imitate using a piece of your own closet. I’ll link the exact same (or similar) items I’m wearing in case something catches your eye!

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How many long cardigans do you need?

Long cardigans are part of most capsule wardrobes I create, so personally I have two options. Wear it all year round with a different one for each season (meaning four) or one or two. Of course, if you’re anything like me, you’ll replace it every few years or as needed.

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I don’t think you need 4 to be completely honest. One or two will probably suffice. Of course, this depends on where you live and your lifestyle. It also depends on your style and how much you actually like long cardigans in general.

I love long cardigans! I have owned many over the years and now have four in my closet. I’ve been using it for several years, but it’s still in good condition, so I don’t really feel the need to replace it or let it go. Especially now that I’m working from home, I think a long cardigan is easy to match with anything. Even in the summer when the air conditioner freezes, I wear a long cardigan to keep warm.

What color is your long cardigan?

If I had to choose one color, it would definitely be camel. Neutral and easy to dress up or down to suit your style. Excellent compatibility with jeans, tongue pants, black leggings, etc.! It took me a few years to realize the importance of neutral colors in my wardrobe. I can do it!!!).


How to create your outfit with a long cardigan using my formula

As mentioned earlier, there is a basic costume formula for each of the 10 costumes in this post. My goal in sharing the formula is to guide you through the process of recreating some of these looks with things you already own. So I really hope this saves you some unnecessary purchases!

In this post, I will show you step by step how to recreate my long cardigan outfit.

  • Choose one of the costumes below
  • find the formula for that outfit
  • Get your favorite long cardigan
  • For each item in the formula, pull 2-3 similar pieces from your closet
  • Mix and match items to create your favorite complete outfit. that’s it!

It’s very easy to do and once you create several outfits from one formula you will become a pro at creating new outfits using these formulas. Save this post to Pinterest For future reference!

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How to wear a long cardigan – 10 basic outfit formulas

We’ll discuss each of these looks to help you think outside the box. But as I explained above, pay attention to the formula for each long cardigan outfit and try to create looks with what you have in your closet. We have linked the exact or similar item. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or at Instagram.

LOOK 1: Leggings coordination with long cardigan

This is a casual outfit that you can wear casually. You might want to wear it the most when you pair it with a long cardigan. Very comfortable and easy to assemble. Grab your favorite t-shirt and leggings, slip on your sneakers and cardigan and you’re ready to go. This is a great item to wear when you don’t know what to wear, especially in autumn! Perfect for picking up pumpkins for the family, trick-or-treating, or Sunday games.


Long cardigan + T-shirt + leggings + sneakers

See My Look: cardigan /// T-shirt /// leggings /// sneakers


LOOK 2: Dress coordination with a long cardigan

Dresses are great because I usually view them as “one-off” costumes. To take the dress a step further, layer a long cardigan and add a waist-defining belt.

Long cardigan + dress + belt + shoes

See My Look: cardigan /// dress /// belt /// shoes (similar)


LOOK 3: Coordination with skinny jeans and a long cardigan

Are skinny jeans still popular this year? Yes! Especially when paired properly with items such as long cardigans, the look is modern. The length of this cardigan extends from the top half to the hips and upper thighs. This gives a similar vibe to the trending straight jeans, which is a great option for maximizing the wear of your skinny jeans.

Long cardigan + basic tank/T-shirt + skinny jeans + flat shoes

See My Look: cardigan (similar) /// tank /// jeans /// apartment


LOOK 4: Summer outfit with a long cardigan

Want to make the transition from summer to fall easier? This costume! It’s also nice to match a long cardigan over a dress. You can wear them with tights and tall boots in cool weather, or with bare feet and sandals in warmer months.

Long cardigan + fitted tank + shorts + sandals

See My Look: cardigan (similar) /// tank /// shorts /// sandals


LOOK 5: Business casual outfit with long cardigan

How to wear a long cardigan sweater? Try this business casual look with a cardigan sweater, black dress pants and a satin cami. Are you dressing up too much for the office these days? Swap out these black dress pants for black jeans for a slightly more casual outfit idea.

Long cardigan + satin top + pants + heels

See My Look: cardigan /// Up /// pants (similar) /// heel


LOOK 6: White Jeans Coordination with Long Cardigan

Earlier in this post, I chose camel as one color option when choosing only one color for a long cardigan. The combination with white is like a dream. How cute are these white jeans in this color! This is another look that is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall and even spring to summer.

Long cardigan + beige top + white jeans + flats

See My Look: cardigan /// Up /// jeans /// apartment


LOOK 7: Date night outfit with long cardigan

This is such a pretty look for a casual date night outfit or a happy hour/casual Friday outfit! Amazon also sells quite a lot Click here for similar pairsI have a pair of tan Amazons and love them! Comfortable and very affordable.

Long cardigan + black top + jeans + strappy sandals

See My Look: cardigan /// Up /// jeans /// sandals


LOOK 8: Autumn outfit with long cardigan

Another very simple outfit that can be created in endless ways with a basic t-shirt, scarf and skinny jeans! , you can’t go wrong with this look. I love it for fall because it’s an easy way to add some fun texture to seasonal outfits!

Long cardigan + striped T-shirt + muffler + skinny jeans + booties

See My Look: cardigan /// Up /// scarf /// jeans /// boots


LOOK 9: Monotone coordination with long cardigan

When in doubt, coordinate in monochrome. Something about an all-black (or white, gray, or navy) outfit instantly elevates your look. You can wear it and look very chic with either bottoms!

Long cardigan + black top + black jeans + black shoes

See My Look: cardigan /// Up /// jeans /// shoes


LOOK 10: Blouse coordination with long cardigan

to the office? Or maybe a nice dinner with friends? Pair it with your favorite blouse, long cardigan, and literally any pair of pants for a classy look. Don’t forget heels to complement your blouse.

Long cardigan + blouse + pants + heels

See My Look: cardigan (similar) // Up // Pants /// heel



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