The western frontier meals are a good choice if you’re looking to get different meals in one box and decent shelf life. In more recent years, many foreign.

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At this temperature, they have a shelf life of 3 years.

Mre shelf life reddit. Freeze dried meals require water to rehydrate the contents but are lighter than mre's. Recommended maximum period of consumption: The standard mre shelf life is 5 years under 75 degrees fahrenheit.

The largest military subreddit on reddit. Today, i found an unopened box of mres in a bedroom. This means you should keep your food away from heat sources like stoves, ovens, microwaves, fireplaces, and sunny windows.

If someone tries to sell you a case that's. Space program, military, forest service, and fema have used mres since the 1970s. If it’s darker than the outer circle, then the mre has exceeded its recommended shelf life.

If they’re stored well (frozen or in a cool house) they can last a lot longer. Must withstand a drop from. Mre (meal ready to eat) shelf life.

A proper case will have a round reddish color sticker on it that will show if it's been cared for or exposed to too much heat. The most important concept to understand with mre shelf life is: It’s worth mentioning that these ready to eat foods can hardly go past a month when stored under 120 degrees f.

Someone already mentioned him, but steve1989mreinfo on youtube has eaten many older mre rations and is a great source for info. Generally it's safe to eat an mre up to 5 years after pack date, though if it is stored very well (lower temp) then they can be safe to eat for decades. “several days ago, i ate an mre with an 'expiration date' of 2005, and lived to tell about it.” “.may of 2011, i wrote an article about mres in which i reported that while mres have long had charts from suppliers showing shelf lives as long as 10 years depending on ambient.

Officially, mres should be stored at temperatures no higher than 80 degrees fahrenheit. The inner circle darkens with time and at higher temperatures. The recommended storage temperature for the best quality and most extended shelf life of mres is between 50° f (or lower) with no relative humidity.

I’ve seen various youtubers dig into mres from the 90s that were still edible. Meal kit supply mres box of 12. This chart was developed in the 1980s when the mres first came out and projects up to 130 months of storage at 60 °f.

Shelf life is officially 5 years but i've had some as old as 10 years old that tasted fine. Has great answer and i have an extra report to add. Field strip the mres to fit them where you need to.

They're lighter, comparable in cost for the nutrition, take up less space, and taste like actual food. Say “no” to the old mre shelf life chart. Only hungry marines and maybe army rangers would really do this.

Warmer temperatures will naturally shorten their shelf life and nutritional value. There are 24 different kinds of mre main dishes and each of them have many side items. Originally designed for the u.s.

Mre's only have a shelf life of about 5 years from the date of production. Once they are removed from the case which has the date, its almost impossible to tell. Sopakco mre meals ready to eat case pack.

Yes, i know i should have tur. They're still edible after 5 years, but the nutritive value declines quickly. I went on an ftx at edson range, california in 1988.

Mres kept in temperatures of 120° f (48° c) or greater can spoil in as little as a month whereas keeping mres in a cool location of 50° f (10° c) can prolong their lifespan to a decade or more. Just add water and the heater will heat a meal in about a minute. I saved back two mre's for this very occasion.thirty years later.

That's why buying individual mre's are so sketchy. For instance, if they were stored at. Ambient temperature at the storage location greatly impacts how long they last.

Often, mres come with both packed and inspection dates. 3.5 years if stored at 81°f or 9 months stored at 100°f. As for taste, it's all personal preference.

This guy/family was most definitely some sort of prepper. I work for a small company doing foreclosure repair. It comes with a flameless heater;

If they’re stored poorly (say a hot garage) they may not even last three years. What that means is the cooler the storage temperature, the longer the shelf life and inversely, the warmer the storage temperature the shorter the shelf life. If they’re stored under cool weather conditions, mres can last up to 10 years without going bad.

The main nice thing about mre's is the heater. Freeze dried meals last a lot longer, sometimes up to 20 years. The typical shelf life of an mre is around 5 years at 75° f (23° c).

If you’re looking for mres strictly for survival or emergency use, the sopakco mre meals are definitely worth looking into. Remember that some parts of an mre won’t last as long as others. The above enables mre to offer a guaranteed shelf life of 3 years at 80°f (27°c), or for 6 months at 100°f (38°c) for all of our previously produced entrees and food components, from date of mre assembly/pack date printed or embossed in all our bags and cases.

It is quite possible that an mre that is sent to the dessert in. The marble cake is delicious; So, as the title says, what is the realistic shelf life of an mre?

That is why so many people are going to place these in a basement area, a location where the contents are going to be relatively cool. Another mre “time and temperature” chart like the one to the left can be found on the internet.

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